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Coaching Executive and Leadership

 Coaching allows a person to explore what is often hidden from themselves. 85% of what we do each day is a habit with very little awareness.  Coaching allows a person to explore the challenges that keep occurring and explore how to transition through uncharted territories.  Coaching provides a confidential sounding board and a guide for successfully making it through the unknown. 


Team Development

 The success of an organization is directly impacted by how cohesive and aligned a team functions.  Are you meeting your business targets?  Are your teams operating as one?  Are they effectively communicating?  Cohesive teams begins with each individual and their own self-awareness. 


Program Evaluation

 There are many aspects of a successful program and organization.  Does your policies, processes, resources, and people directly support your primary activities?  Are you aware of your current needs vs. your future needs to be truly successful?  Do all the functions of your program coordinate? 


Independent, 3rd Party, Exit Interviews and Dynamic Analysis

The average turnover rate across the nation is 33% (2018). Depending on the business it can go as high as 78%. Costs for turnover can range up to 100% of a person's salary. Call us to determine what is your turnover rate, the actual costs for your company and a plan to effectively address the issue of losing employees that you have invested time and money in supporting your business and its bottom line.

it's all connected


Individuals impact the way the team and the organization operates 

just like the team and organization impacts the way the individuals work.

"Using a diverse set of tools, we offer individualized approaches to meet your specific organizational needs.  We know you are passionate about the work you do.  Together, as a team, we can meet your organization needs to strengthen you, your team and programs to ensure success.  I am looking forward to working with you to better meet your needs for a successful business and life."

                                                                                                           Wising you the best,

                                                                                                          Deeanna Burleson

Executive coaching


As a coach or leader, are you confident that you respond in the most effective way possible?

Have you received the adequate training?

Coaching skills when learned and used in your daily interactions at work will lead to increased productivity and a positive return on investment in your critical human resources.  They may transform the working environment.

Coaching skills include:

  • Self-Awareness / Self Coaching
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Truly listening to the words and between the words (Active Listening)
  • Individual Values and Driving Forces
  • Self-Accountability vs. Holding Someone Responsible
  • Meaning and Purpose at Work
  • Decision Making and Time Management

Team Development

Build a more cohesive team

Knowing the behaviors and motivators for yourself and those you work with can significantly impact the success and future of your organization.  Through a science based assessment for behaviors and motivators, you and your team will be provided with an aggregate report that will:

  • Detail communication preferences
  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Identify how other may see you
  • Specific behaviors that you exhibit

Businesses that invest in Team Development are proven to be 4 times more successful!


Program Evaluation


What is Program Evaluation?

A comprehensive program evaluation can strengthen the services and programs that you offer and can guide you as you look towards future opportunities.  Whether you are evaluating your current programs at a certain point in time, need to improve your existing programs, or are looking toward the future to create new or expanded programs there is an effective Program Evaluation process to help you succeed.

Types of Evaluation Efforts include:

  • Developmental or "Transformative" - What should we consider as we develop new programs?
  • Summative - How are we doing now?
  • Formative -  How can we improve existing programs?

Why a Program Evaluation?

Reasons to invest in an independent, external program evaluation effort:

  • Required by a funding agency
  • Change effort
  • Propelling a program to the next level, i.e. new or expanded services
  • Program improvement
  • Test and validate program models

When Should Program Evaluation Start?

As soon as possible.  Do not wait!


why invest?

Return on Investment (ROI)

In an extensive study of organizations around the world, organizations that strategically budget and incorporate organizational development methods such as research, evaluation, training, coaching, and facilitation in their work plan are: 

  • 4 times more successful
  • 20% more productive
  • 21% more profitable
  • Experience 10% more loyalty from customers
  • 30 - 34% better able to focus, plan, and experience trust between team members.

                                                                                            (Gallup, 2016; NOBL)